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We are Fatal Flaw, an international online magazine publishing unexpected, topical writing and visual art that considers the world through a cracked lens. What can you expect to find here? Work that reveals the fatal flaw and the beauty inherent within it.

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Fatal Flaw Live NYC Showcase

Join us on Wednesday, May 22nd for this in-person event in NYC featuring a selection of Fatal Flaw’s published contributors reading their poetry, fiction, and nonfiction and showing their art. This memorable night at our favorite bookstore/bar Book Club Bar will span the weird, the wise, the wonderful, and everything in between.

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A Review of Arlene Naganawa’s I WEAVE A NEST OF FOIL

In Arlene Naganawa’s otherworldly new poetry collection, I WEAVE A NEST OF FOIL, we enter the liminal where the mundane and commonplace are transformed into the ethereal. Here, the familiar becomes peculiar and the present becomes unstable.

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An Interview with Author James Gianetti

We sat down with James Gianetti, author of Calvin Klein (ELJ Editions, 2024) and Fatal Flaw contributor, to discuss his new novelette, the craft of writing an unconventional narrative, and his portrayal of vulnerability in a long-term friendship.

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Kelly Gray’s newest chapbook, THE MATING CALLS OF A SPECTER, is a haunting exorcism that explores in stark, incisive language the profound ways in which sexual trauma imprints itself on the body and changes that body’s very composition.

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A Review of Evelyn Berry’s GRIEF SLUT

Evelyn Berry’s debut poetry collection, GRIEF SLUT, is a vibrant, punchy, pop-laden triumph that explores the poet’s life as a trans woman growing up in the American south. The poems inside are a mix of sweet and tart, grease and glitter, bursting with life like overripe fruit, their juices pooling on the page in all their glorious stickiness so that you come away with their pulpy guts on your fingertips. 

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