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We are Fatal Flaw, an international online magazine publishing unexpected, topical writing and visual art that considers the world through a cracked lens. What can you expect to find here? Work that reveals the fatal flaw and the beauty inherent within it.

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Fatal Flaw Poetry Contest

Submissions for our first ever Poetry Contest are officially open!

Submit your poems to our contest (featuring guest judge Carla Sofia Ferreira) for the chance to win cash prizes, special promotion, and more!

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Creative Spaces: The Fiction Authors of Vol. 11

We asked the fiction writers from our Paradox issue questions about the creative spaces that make their writing possible. A few then answered those questions, delving into their ideal writing conditions, creative rituals, and inspiring musical and literary works. Read on to learn more about Robert Frankel, Katharine Tyndall, Jeremy Broyles, and Zachary A. Bakht. Make sure to check out their work in Volume 11: PARADOX!

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An Interview With Volume 11 Cover Artist Jefferson Liu

We sat down with Jefferson Liu, the artist behind the cover of our most recent issue, to talk about memory as inspiration, the craft of portrait photography, and the connection between artist and subject. You can explore Liu’s full series "Meaning Less" in Vol 11: PARADOX, available now!

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A Soundtrack to Volume 11: PARADOX

We asked the writers and artists from our Paradox issue what song best represents their work. Our contributors responded to this question with thoughtful creativity. For some, the song is a reflection of the work itself, the creative process, or thematic parallels. For others, the song is a connection to an inspirational musical artist, or perhaps an emotion captured in both works. We’ve created a Spotify playlist made up of these songs: our Soundtrack to Volume 11.

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A Review of Arlene Naganawa’s I WEAVE A NEST OF FOIL

In Arlene Naganawa’s otherworldly new poetry collection, I WEAVE A NEST OF FOIL, we enter the liminal where the mundane and commonplace are transformed into the ethereal. Here, the familiar becomes peculiar and the present becomes unstable.

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We rely on the support of readers and advocates like you to help our inclusive, oddball community grow and thrive. Please consider donating a one-time or recurring gift to help us continue to support our artists and their work. All donations are tax deductible!

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