Perfect Storm

By Robert Runté

Arguing? No, that's wrong.

Loud, certainly. We'd had quite a lot to drink. My wife especially, I'm afraid. She's not normally a big drinker; anyone will tell you that. But being on the cruise—well, the whole experience is about excess, isn't it?

Yes, her idea. Wanting to go up on deck to 'experience the sea.' High heels on the wet deck, drink in hand. I should have recognized the danger.

I blame myself.

When she staggered towards the railing, I naturally reached for her. I can see how it must have looked, but I was trying to save her.

About the author

Robert Runté is Senior Editor at and has edited more than 30 traditionally published books. A former professor, he had three Aurora Awards for literary criticism and was shortlisted again in 2020. His own fiction has appeared in a variety of literary journals from Ariel Chart to Exile Literary Quarterly and anthologies from Tesseracts to Strangers Among Us. Three of his short stories have been reprinted in “best of” anthologies, most recently, Canadian Shorts II.

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