I Dreamed of You

I know I’m fucked up, but 
I know we never hid in sewers

waiting to be found out. You did not ask me 
why the fish on our lawns have cartoon eyes. 

This is a dream,
but I like it here. 

You’re here, so nobody gets hurt 
besides the morning’s masochist. 

In this dream I will protect you 
from peeping toms. I will wash 
your hair like a boyfriend. 

I am many years 
forgetful and confused.
I am brainwashed, 
but I do not worry 
if you loved me. 

I know this is a dream because 
my legs are smooth. You look 
at me like you love my voice. 

Have you seen the bar in the sewer? 
There is leather and neon 
and no… you couldn’t have. 

I am here four dreams a week,
and I’ve never seen you. 

This is a dream, not California. 

There was not a trellis in my history. I did not 
climb down knee-scraping brick to hang out 
and get high by the water with you. 

We did not watch the sun rise
longer than we slept apart.

About the author

DEVIANT (they/them) is a writer on the move. Their work reflects upon their experiences regarding madness, grief, and faith. Their work has found homes with Delicate Friends, Poetry Online, and others. They can be found on Twitter @darlingknife.

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