I'm Sorry Another Body Home

by Nora Rose Tomas
Waking up in her/me is unbearable, but of course I have no choice but to bear it. It started with the
legs. Her/me gathered the things that calmed me down and made them vile. Her/me stored everything
to make me know that I’m an intruder. Her/me had catalogues. I had nothing. Or sometimes I had

I spend enough time betraying her/me, she begins to betray me as well. This is only the natural order of
things. Her/me clumps apart, full of sabotage. Full of sabotage I placed around in pattern. I’m
surprised, still, when my hair falls out. When my knees lock. When I’m full of waiting. I started taking
medicine. I had to. It is recitation: I’m sorry. I want to try again. I would like another.

About the author

Nora Rose Tomas (she/they) is a queer writer based in New York City. They have an MFA from Columbia University. Their writing has appeared in ANMLY, Lavender Review, Mantis, and Small Orange, among others. You can follow them on Instagram @dr_sappho.

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