Tell you what

by Arlene Naganawa
—After Chiharu Shiota, sculpture


I like how you encased your organs in a box.
A tangle of arteries and watercraft.
You can examine them whenever you please
without taking off your clothes or cutting yourself open.


I like how your dresses fled the cabinets.
The puffed skirts, cakes of desire.
And the absence of hands, of heads.
The single beds, raveling.


I like when I close my eyes
and gold strands materialize like a scrub pad
in my palm where a sudsy bird might rest
for a minute before drowning.

About the author

Arlene Naganawa’s works appear in Waxwing, The Inflectionist Review, Whale Road Review, Thimble, Calyx, All the Sins, Crab Creek Review and other publications. Her chapbooks include The Ark and the Bear (Floating Bridge Press) Private Graveyard (Gribble Press) and The Scarecrow Bride (Red Bird Chapbooks). In 2020, she was a recipient of a GAP grant from Artist Trust and a CityArtist grant from Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture.

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