An Interview with Volume 10 Cover Artist Alex Dimond

Volume 10: WITNESS cover artist Alex Dimond spoke with Visual Art Editor Mollye Miller Shehadeh all about his illustrations, from where he draws inspiration for his brilliant images to what kind of work he aspires to create in the future. Check out Alex's work, and the work of all our brilliant Vol. 10 visual artists, in our most recent issue.


Alex Dimond

Bristol UK based illustrator, designer, animator.


Mollye Miller Shehadeh

Mollye Miller Shehadeh (Fatal Flaw Visual Art Editor) is a documentary portrait and street photographer with an MFA in poetry (The New School, 2009). Joyful, sad, uplifting and everything between, Mollye’s approach to photography is like it is to poetry: she takes in emotions and turns them into images. Mollye has had photographs up at the Chesapeake Arts Center in Baltimore and at Photoville photography Festival in New York City.  Her poems have appeared in Paperbag, Prerlude, and Stop Sharpening Your Knives (SSYK), a UK poetry anthology. See her photography at She lives in Baltimore with her husband, stepkids, two cats, and her dog Zuri.