Fatal Flaw Live NYC Showcase

Join us on Wednesday, May 22nd for this in-person event in NYC featuring a selection of Fatal Flaw’s published contributors reading their poetry, fiction, and nonfiction and showing their art. This memorable night at our favorite bookstore/bar Book Club Bar will span the weird, the wise, the wonderful, and everything in between.

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Mike Barthel

Mike Barthel's stories have appeared in Fatal Flaw, The Offing, Tower Magazine, and Jake. He has a degree in creative writing from Oberlin. His criticism has appeared in the Atlantic, Salon, and the Awl. His research on Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and newspaper economics have been cited in a strange variety of places. He is working on a book about Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." for Duke University Press' "Singles" series, as well as a speculative fiction novel. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and three semi-feral children.

Robert Frankel

Robert Frankel is a writer, filmmaker, and veteran. His work focuses on queerness, otherworldly circumstances, and hostile environments. He writes fiction, screenplays, and — sometimes — a poem or two. A native Texan, he now lives in Los Angeles.

Michael Giddings

Michael Giddings is a writer, cartoonist, and musician from Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Recent work can be found in Defunct Magazine and Suburbia Journal. His chapbook, Kelly Marie Wants to Talk to You, is available from the Cupboard Pamphlet. Michael teaches preschool and is an associate fiction editor at Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine. He is at work on a novel, The Homeschooler, in which Kelly Marie will return.

Ellie Gold Laabs

Ellie Gold Laabs is a Boston-born poet, currently residing in Mount Vernon, NY where she is studying for her MFA in writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She received her B.A. from St. John's College through their Great Books Program, and finds she moves between the labels "philosopher," "poet," "liberal artist," and "fool" with some fluidity. Her creative work can be found in Cathexis Northwest Press, Lighthouse Weekly, Fatal Flaw and more; a selection of her academic writings can be found in Showbear Family Circus and The Reeds. When she (frequently) is not writing, she spends her time listening to Simon & Garfunkel, collecting leaves, and trying to convince her loved ones to do Karaoke.

Jessica Lilien

Jessica Lilien is the winner of Fatal Flaw’s 2023 Flash Fiction Contest. She has also had stories published in Meridian, The Chattahoochee Review, Columbia Journal, and the collection Night Terrors III, among other places. George Saunders once called something she wrote “very strange.”  jessicalilien.com

K.G. Ricci

K.G. Ricci, a self-taught New York City artist, made a collage on a file cabinet in 2015. The creative possibilities of the medium immediately inspired him. Fifty cut and paste panels followed, as well as visual improvisations on 20” x 40” or 2’ X 4’ hardboard. Next, Ricci completed another series on 8” X 24” hardboard with implied literary reflections or narrative lines. He categorized hundreds of his panels in line with the evident themes of “Femma Dilemma”, “Hotel Kafka” and “3:43 A.M.”

Recently, Ricci sustained his implied narrative focus in “Numbered-Not Named”, a series of original pieces, 6” x 9” on black stock.  He followed the idea further with two projects: “Random Thoughts in the Waiting Room” and “Wait…what?” ~ a pair of visual flash fiction books with a single word or a fragment of text in each collaged composition. His current series “Incongruities” explores the narrative on a larger scale (18x24, 11x14) with extended text. K.G. Ricci has exhibited in 27 galleries including solo shows and many more online galleries. His collages have been published in poetry and literary magazines nationally and internationally online and in print.

Sasha Wolff

Sasha Wolff is a writer from the Midwest. Her work has appeared in Fatal Flaw Magazine, Parhelion Literary, The Oxonian Review, 365 Tomorrows, Flash Fiction Magazine, and elsewhere. She was recently accepted as a LAMBDA fellow for the 2024 Writer’s Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices. She lives in Harlem with three men and a doggy.

Aasiya Mirza Glover

Aasiya Mirza Glover has stories published or forthcoming in Fatal Flaw, Catapult, The Notre Dame Review, Headland, and Damazine. She is of mixed Pakistani and American heritage and is originally from Brunswick, Tennessee. She currently works as a lawyer in New York City and lives in New Rochelle with her family.