about the artist

Caitlin Gill is a mixed media artist living in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a B. A in Drawing and Painting from Towson University and an MFA in Curatorial Practice and Art Criticism from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She currently works as the Program Manager and Arts Directory Coordinator for Maryland Art Place (MAP). Gill uses printmaking, sculpting, drawing, painting, collage, and fiber to create artwork that explores ideas of identity, femininity, and the divergence between human and animal. Evoking ideas of discomfort and repulsion, she encourages viewers to engage with how unnatural being human can sometimes feel.

Gill explores the notion of femininity, and its relationship to nature, western culture, and women. Human nature is nothing short of unnatural, and the concept of the feminine is even less so. Women are continuously linked to nature historically and culturally yet are refused the most natural basic animal instincts and acts (territory, aggression, fitness) as these are characterized as unfeminine, or inherently masculine. This contradiction plagues the artist and her work explores these binaries attempting to reconcile how to be simultaneously feminine and natural.


Medium & dimensions: 

Mixed Media on Panels: Feets II 24" x 24"

Feets SP   24" x 48"    

Matriarchy  48" x 24"

Specimens  32" x 32"

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