Medium & Dimensions: Silkscreen Prints; approx 30 x 40 cm each

about the artist

Born in London in 1986 Chris grew up in the countryside of Buckinghamshire & to a certain extent Cornwall. Not formally trained in the arts, Chris completed a BSc (hons) in Biology at UEA and an MSc in Plant Genetics and Crop improvement at the John Innes research centre in Norwich. Driven by a lifelong fascination with the natural sciences and what he describes as “our schizophrenic relationship with nature” he compulsively pursued many artistic outlets and now his practice spans & combines many mediums including taxidermy, assemblage & sound as well as traditional printmaking techniques. “Nature is the original source of boundless wonder and horror. As conscious animals we must create narratives, myths & theologies to contextualise our experience of life within it. When studying nature in situ or under the microscope you experience moments when you're faced by something you do not yet understand. Its confounding and intriguing and beautiful and sometimes horrifying! The mind struggles to catch up with the reality that's presented. It's those moments that affirm my life and its something I seek to convey in my work. Despite its ability to elucidate the human condition I feel the most valuable thing to take away from an artistic experience is an unanswered question.”






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