Almost overnight, COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with each other, and with our own bodies. We live our lives in vulnerability during this historically significant time of disaster. The initial phases of the pandemic are behind us, but the virus remains and continues to be dangerous. The societal trauma this pandemic has caused will be remembered and felt by the those that lived through it for the foreseeable future. In the past, master painters, would depict historically significant disasters that happened to them as a way to cope. Artists of the 19th century depicted hardships and trauma in the wake of the industrial Revolution that began the formation of our modern world. As an artist that is learning the techniques of masters, I have the opportunity to create long-lasting visual information that depicts the trauma of this pandemic. Therefore, I made a series of drawings that represent my experiences in COVID modernity live by representing past masterpieces that depict the embodied experience of trauma.

Medium & Dimensions: Illustrations, Drawings, Charcoal

Cafe Terrace At COVID Capacity. 36" x 24"

Mask Gleaners. 30" x 40"

Masked Masks Confronting COVID-19. 30" x 40"

Olympia on a Zoom Call. 36" x 48"

The COVID Card Players. 30" x 40"

about the artist

Donald Patten is an artist and cartoonist from Belfast, Maine. He produces oil paintings, illustrations, ceramic pieces and graphic novels. His art has been exhibited in galleries across Maine. His online portfolio is donaldlpatten.newgrounds.com/art

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