“Cry, Wolf.” Part 1 of my “Who is Humanity?” series. Acrylic painting on canvas. The young girl represents humanity, and the work questions are we friend or foe to animals? Why do we coddle some while killing others, and what is that cognitive dissonance? Are we but an innocent and empathetic child or a hunter and wolf? With the sheep skull at her feet, legs swinging and hanging not even long enough to touch the ground from her chair, her throne at the top of the animal kingdom, there is a certain tension behind the white eyes of the wolf mask as you don’t know whether she is going to gently stroke the rabbit or snap its neck.

“Let Them Eat Crow.” Part 2 of my “Who is Humanity?” series. Acrylic painting on canvas. This painting continues the theme of the previous “Cry, Wolf.” The girl, humanity, is now wearing the mask of a pig, having gobbled up so much of the Earth and everything she could conquer. Now she must face the consequences, eating crow and the oleander, a poisonous flower dropping petals on the table.

“Nobody Here but Us Chickens.” Part 3 of my “Who is Humanity?” series. Acrylic painting on canvas. This is the third in the series, continuing the theme. Now wearing a fox mask, and having been a fox in the coop, the girl finally stands from her chair and holds an all white, pure, chicken away from the chopping block, confused about her role, facing away from it.

Medium & Dimensions: Acrylic on canvas; 12x20", 12x12", 12x12"

about the artist

Kate Kelleher is a freelance artist and photographer living in Asheville, NC with her dog Journey. She is a multifaceted artist, working in multiple mediums including photography, ink, graphite, acrylic, oil, mixed media, upcycled material, and more. She loves opportunities to team up with nonprofits. Kate has been featured in galleries and publications locally and internationally, from Asheville’s River Art’s District, to Fatal Flaw’s TIME issue, to even Le Louvre in Paris, France.  


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