I paint viscerally. Years in academia left my mind overwrought. Linear, precise, boring. My art is an intentional reclamation of instinct. I don’t know what they teach in art school, and I don’t want to know.

My work chases the gestalt of California’s high desert. Urban transplants and staunch evangelicals, iconoclasts and party people all co-existing against a brutal, alien ecosystem. In the amalgam, a cultural moment unfolds. This body of work uses a blunt, intuitive approach to convey the Mojave zeitgeist.

Most of my art includes depictions of molecular structures. These are mainly drugs and neurotransmitters.

Medium & Dimensions: Acrylic on canvas; (1) 32" x 20", (2) 32" x 20", (3) 32" x 20", (4) 14" x 18", (5) 14" x 18"

about the artist

Kim Farbota was born in Chicago in 1988. She earned her Ph.D. in neuroscience at the age of 24, studying psychoactive drugs and brain injury at the state universities of Illinois and Wisconsin. She went on to attend Yale Law School, spent five years working for a top international law firm, and a short time as a solo practitioner. //2019-2022: Breakdown; pandemic; destruction and reformation// Today, Dr. Farbota resides near Joshua Tree, California where she devotes herself full-time to artistic pursuits.



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