These are all iPhone macro photos of one inch sections of the frost that is painted on the windows of my greenhouse overnight in the winters (when it is really cold here in Minnesota). I help the iPhone record what it sees, my MacBook graciously adds a little color, and then all I have to do is interpret what the night-artist was thinking when he (she?) painted the pictures. And by afternoon, last night's pictures are erased forever, so that new ones can be painted the next night.I hope that doesn't sound too weird, not sure how else to explain it. It is the coolest thing to see all the different patterns that the frost assumes, and of course, somewhat texturized and backlit by the lights and the plants inside the greenhouse.

Medium: Photographs

about the artist

The photographer is a physician in Minnesota whose iPhone has an interest in examining the patterns of frost painted each night in the depth of winter by the artist-of-the-night on the windows of her greenhouse, and drags her out (when it is really cold) at dawn to photograph what it sees. Of course, by the afternoon, what we photographed is gone forever, in preparation for the artist's work the next night. Did we really see these things in the first place, or did we somehow make all this up?

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Tatjana Krilova