A series of paintings where I explored my relationship with women are distant in both relationship and physical space. Through genetic counseling where I where I was dealing with my own illness and health, I had learned and connected with my female relatives in a way I did not expect, this body of works explore that distant, yet intimate connections.

Medium & Dimensions: Painting - Ink and acrylic on duralar

about the artist

Sapira Cheuk is an ink painter and installation artist interested in proprioception, ways of knowing through the body, and how these modes of knowledge reflect or internalize external experiences. Cheuk has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including those at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Orange County Contemporary Art Center, Center for Contemporary Art Texas, Masur Museum, The Netura Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Rochester Contemporary Art Museum, and Culver Center for the Arts. Cheuk works for the Nevada Arts Council, serves as the Art Editor for the museum of americana, and teaches at the College of Southern Nevada. She received her BA at University of California, Riverside and MFA from California State University, San Bernardino.





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