Both pieces can be described as black and red acrylic paint with charcoal over a white textured base on canvas. The pieces represent an attempt to heal my inner 16-year-old child. I worked through a traumatic event that has affected my relationship with my mother to this day. I hope that my feeling of broken trust, powerlessness, anger and sadness comes through to the viewer.

Medium & Dimensions: I am an intuitive mix media artist. I Love working with acrylic paint and spray paint to highlight/create texture; 90cm x 90cm x 1.5cm (35' x 35' x 1')

about the artist

Nitasha Chunylall was born in 1980 and grew up in the sugarcane farming town of Tongaat in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. She currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa where she dedicates her time to her art. Having spent more than a decade in the corporate world and then three years studying a Business degree, Chunylall discovered a love of and passion for art. She is a self-taught abstract artist who has developed her skills intuitively and by learning from other artists. Chunylall began her art journey by exploring various acrylic pouring techniques before turning to a range of media to create physical texture on canvasses. She enjoys experimenting with different textures, colour palettes and paints to create her own distinct style, which has been influenced by abstract expressionism and street art. Chunylall’s art – both the process of its creation and the final product – is the liberating exploration of her inner-self: her emotions, ideas and innerdialogue; as well as the cathartic release of otherwise difficult to express states.


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