Prayer for Rebirth

by Alison Lubar
I. Inter[nal]red

                           here       is where I want 
              my body: underground burning 
determined mitosis crystalize cellular 
              suffering ovum safe    reverted zygote 
radically    whole

II. [Some]Rise

The last smirnoff ice scrapes brick landscape, grass 
             beside night pool slick with pre-dawn 
[his weight grinds gunpowder]. I shoot birth-canal shot 
              into water [hover above concrete abrasion]. 
Illuminated chlorine [re]turns primordial,
              bright algae to greysalt churn: 
Emerge Lazarus. 
Emerge Silvia. 
             birth-named self. All 
sting and sparkle, grit polished 
pearl-girl sixteen again: young
             and explosive [incendiary dawn]. 

About the author

Alison Lubar teaches high school English by day and yoga by night. They are a queer, nonbinary, mixed-race femme whose life work has evolved into bringing mindfulness practices, and sometimes even poetry, to young people. Their work has been nominated for both the Pushcart and Best of the Net, and they're the author of four chapbooks: Philosophers Know Nothing About Love (Thirty West Publishing House, 2022); queer feast (Bottlecap Press, 2022), sweet euphemism (CLASH!, 2023), and it skips a generation (Stanchion, Fall 2023).

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