For Clare Olivares' erasure poems she used two science books as source material; a 1940s physics textbook and a book on the history of astrophysics. Her work is contemplative highlighting the poetics of place and the beauty of the ordinary.

about the artist

Clare Olivares is a Bay Area painter and poet. Her contemplative work highlights the poetics of place, the romance of memory and the beauty of the ordinary. Her prose and erasure poems have recently been published in The Plentitudes Journal, FATHERFATHER  and Juste Milieu. She has exhibited her artworks both nationally and internationally. Olivares has been awarded art residencies in Nepal, Cambodia, New Mexico and northern California.

Medium & Dimensions:

watercolor inks and acrylic paint on pages from science themed books (1940s science textbook & Dennis Overbye’s Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos)

~8” x 5”

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