Our photography [Ken Graves and Eva Lipman's] represents a 31 year collaboration in which our personal and creative lives were intertwined. We rejected the idea that picture taking had to be a solitary endeavor. Choosing to photograph as a single entity, we shared artistic credit, blurring the lines of authorship. We maintained an openness which reinforced our individual talents. The collaborative project was a seductive, life affirming dance which mirrored the intensities and power dynamics of our shared life. Ken passed away in 2016. I am currently working with a publisher on a book of Ken's collages. (Our photography is currently represented by Clampart in NY, Rose Gallery in L.A., and Anglim/Trimble in S.F.)

about the artist

Ken Graves was born June 27, 1942 in Portland, Oregon. He received his BFA and MFA at San Francisco Art Institute in 1970 and 1971.  Ken taught photography at Penn State University in the School of Visual Arts,1977-2008.  His publications include American Snapshots co-authored with Mitchell Payne, Ballroom co-authored with Eva Lipman, The Home Front, Restraint and Desire and Derby co-authored with Eva Lipman.  Ken is the recipient of the Ferguson Grant, two NEA's, 1975 and 1976, and Fellowships from Penn State and The Institute of Arts and Humanities.

Eva Lipman  was born Feb. 8 1946 in Czechoslovakia.  She received her B.A. at Hunter College in NY in 1968 and her MSW from Columbia University in 1973. Photographic studies were pursued at Center for Media Arts and the School of Visual Arts in NY in the early eighties. Publications include Ballroom, Restraint and Desire and Derby all co-authored with Ken Graves. The books have been reviewed in the Washington Post, The Guardian, New Yorker, and Le Monde among others.

Their work can be viewed online at the galleries' websites as well as at graveslipman.com and on instagram @eva.lipman.graves.

Medium & Dimensions: Black and white photographs. Bath series (Budapest Hungary), Cirque de los Muchachos (Spain), Prom series, Boxing series

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