I often rework paintings a number of times before I reach a final composition that satisfies me. When a painting will simply not find its way, I may start attacking it: paint over areas, scrape others, slash it, take it off the stretcher bars. Destroying what I have done gives me a new perspective. With certain of my monotype prints, I like to cut them up and reconfigure them into a new whole to create a bolder statement.

about the artist

Marc Ellen Hamel is a San Francisco Bay Area painter and printmaker who specializes in expressionist oil paintings, monotype printmaking, and collage. Her subject matter springs from reflections of where she has walked, what she has felt, and from the beauty in the materials at hand. Her motto in the workroom has always been: “whatever I darn well please.” Her studio is located at the Hunters Point Shipyard art community, the largest in the nation.

Medium & Dimensions:

Perfectly Broken,  12” x 12” - oil on canvas affixed to plywood

Americana, 16”h x 12” w (framed size), monotype collage

Threaded Through, 25”h x 19” w (framed), monotype collage

A Fine Unbalance 25”h x 19” w (framed), monotype collage

Cadmium and Black, 15”h x 12” w (framed), monotype collage

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