This series of collage explores the link between clothes and bodies, espacially female bodies. How clothes can be staightjackets, can model and constrain bodies, and become more important than the body itself is an issue that I work on after portraits of history of art. Wallpapers allow me to engage in this specific work that is based on playing with patterns, the impression of vanishing of the body.

about the artist

Martine Rancarani teaches Arts, and she practices every day all its different techniques. She examines, tries, explores, experiments, and starts over again, in order to express her commitments through stills or animated images. She most often produces series. She leaves a lot to chance, and observes what happens. She is an actress and a spectator of her visual Art, she puts in perspective the image and the technique used to produce it. Ecology, body language, the image and the position of women in society, clothing, and nature vs. culture are the major issues she considers through her work.

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