Cover photograph by contributor Elysia Perkins.


This past year has challenged us all in unexpected and often unthinkable ways. It's constrained us, changed us, but it has also pushed us to invent, to enrich our minds, to open our eyes and find ways to break free. For our third issue, we chose (UN)CONFINED as our theme to confront these challenges and examine how we rise to meet them time and time again. 

The pieces here contend with all manner of confinement, and, in turn, the ways in which we find freedom and release from it. The physical confinement of walls, bodies, and gravity. The societal confinement of religion, assigned roles, and normative expectations. The psychological confinement of grief, perception, logic, and love. And of course, the linguistic confinement of genre, form, and language. These bold, brave works defy definition, embrace juxtaposition, and dare to break the rules—all while shedding light on the interminable force that is human nature.  

A huge thank you to our incredibly talented contributors who made this issue real in the most unconfined way. We had high expectations for this theme, and you've brilliantly upended them. We are in awe of your work.

The Editors


I Want More


July Has Nothing to Do with Gods


Wile E. Coyote Breaks His Silence

Yearly Checkup

Degradation Kink

The Ladder

The Scan Revealed A Lacunar Stroke, Right Thalamus

I’m Not in the Business, I am the Business


Alone, On Fire

Panic Room

Outlaw Shit



Gag Orders

A History of Dancing

Death Knell

The Rule of Waves

Eating the Body, Consuming the Self


Angela Dribben

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Alec Solomita

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Elysia Perkins

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Roger Camp

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George L Stein

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John Laue

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Adeet Deshmukh

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Kurt Borchard

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