Fatal Flaw Volume 5 cover. A person outside at 3 a.m. with a glowing light tracing from their head to their waist.
Cover photograph by contributor Kate Kelleher.


Time is a concept we’re destined to contend with. We wrestle with its amorphous influence, its seemingly physical confines. Now more than ever—as time stretches and shrinks, seems fleeting yet is undeniably present—we're confronted with the hold it has over our lives. We wanted to explore Time as a theme in an attempt to capture its nuances and pick apart its mystique.

The works in this issue grapple with time as a partner or an adversary. Through the expansion and contraction of language and form, the revisiting of history and the absurdism of nostalgia, these daring pieces call on time to celebrate its ascendancy while mining its dark depths. They defy and manipulate the mechanics of time, explore its impact on intimacy and trauma, reflect on its corporal mirroring, and capture the subtle, heart-wrenching humanity of everyday life. 

Infinite thanks to our incredible contributors, whose timeless and timely work define this issue. Your exploration of this theme has defied all expectation.

The Editors


In the Forest



Augury and Innocence


If You and I Were Aboard the Titanic

What the Bees Know

Imagining the Heat Death of the Universe While Holding My First-Born Nibbling

I'm Sorry Another Body Home

Yesterday We Will Stay at the Inn We Almost Remembered

Resting Place



Bouncing Back

No Tomorrow



Notes on Timekeeping

You Would Know

Reach Out And…

A Day for Loss

The Outro


Jamie Azevedo

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Kate Kelleher

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Adeet Deshmukh

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Christine Bachmann

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Gabriela De Paz

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Ami J. Sanghvi

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Tarini Tipnis

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Enrico Miguel Thomas

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Josh Azzarella

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Maggie Kerrigan

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M Patrick Riggin

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