Agency has long been something I’ve contended with, learned through, envied in others, and strived for within myself. It is a constant internal and external pursuit. As individuals, we can strive for the ability to take charge and make choices that shape our narratives, but we also regularly encounter situations that challenge our sense of control and take away our power. One of the aspects of art that I’m most interested in is its ability to assert our agency and empower our voices and other’s through creation. 

In Fatal Flaw’s ninth issue, our contributors share their perspectives on the multifaceted nature of agency. They explore ways to take ownership of our bodies, time, and truths. They challenge the norm, asking who is granted agency and who is denied, shedding light on the structures of power that shape society, and the impacts that they have. Their work inspires us to find our own sources of strength, speak our own voices, make meaningful changes in our lives and communities, and take pride in our ability to vocalize this agency through our art. 

I am so grateful to our amazing contributors who have made this issue such a force. Their work reminds us that agency is not always a given, but something that must be actively pursued and defended. Thank you to all whose agency has given rise to such a phenomenal issue.

Abigail Wessel
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Strings & Attractors

Gehenna Gone

Grading Marvell

Quitting for Beginners


Persephone in Recovery


Unsummoning Song


Conversations with God in Utero




It Was Here All Along.


Second Home

Windows and Stone

Our Family of Hard Truths

Yourself, at Ease.

Visual Art

Alexandra N Sherman

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Eric Robinson

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Chris Geale Richford

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Jefferson Liu

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Edgar Reyes

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Jack Bordnick

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Kim Farbota

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James A Rose

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Alexis Geddes

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Sapira Cheuk

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