In  Volume 11 of Fatal Flaw, we bring you PARADOX. We all seek patterns. When we discover a paradox—a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory idea—we detect a lack of pattern. But paradox is more than a simple contradiction, it shows us there is more to the story. A stranger can look at you knowingly. The sting of grief can make you feel more alive. This issue celebrates the beautiful, curious, often inexplicable glitch that reveals hidden, deeply-felt truth.

Our featured artists impressed us with their paradoxical visions: the exploration of life through death and decay, the fickle nature of our own identities, the reckoning with our perception of the world and our place in it, and so much more. In this issue, you’ll be surprised by tilted timelines, contrary characters, and mosaic meditations. We are so proud of the imaginative work in this issue. We hope you find these stories, poems, essays, paintings, and photographs as open-ended and unexpected as we do.

Mollye Miller Shehadeh
Visual Art Editor


Mine and the Other

Parasite’s Grief

Trash Fish




Wayward Scryer

Peach Strudel


An Effigy of Memories

Dead and Dumb

The Lost Summer

Father Panik


Harbinger I





Dear E

Visual Art

Derrick Beasley

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Kate Kelleher

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Jefferson Liu

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Mollye Bendell

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Donald Patten

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David Goodrum

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JC Chen Henderson

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Martha Nance

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Tatjana Krilova

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