Cover art by contributor Eleanor Claire.


As artists, we select words, steady cameras, and raise our voices to communicate truth. Both metaphor and imagery allow us to translate our experience, creating something new, something that can invoke in others what we see in ourselves. Art embodies life. Because of this, we chose EMBODIMENT as this issue’s theme, in celebration of the art we create. 

In this issue, our writers share insights on limitation and transformation, exploring the freedoms and constraints of inhabiting a body, as a means of self-expression and redefinition or a source of trauma, pain, and other people’s projections. Our artists transcend the notion of traditional, mortal bodies, showing us vibrant inner lives and imagined selves. Through our poets, we witness how the body can become a language unto itself, communicating our unequivocal needs and desires, and permitting us to redefine our sense of self. These works invite you to share in their humanity and remind us that although to live is to suffer, to live is also to create, connect, and hope.  

Thank you to our brilliant contributors who gifted us an issue that truly embodies everything Fatal Flaw hopes to be: unexpected, disruptive, and honest. This issue strives to celebrate and transform the definition of what a body can be.

The Editors


Heart of December


Arethusa Melts


Ode to My Zero Body in the Marvelous Real

Umbilical Cord Obit

Heat Wave

Nipple Hair

Great American Poem

Prayer for Rebirth

Yes I've Seen the Future & I Promise I'm Still Alive,


Black Sun

Did You Mean: Khavits

Blood Feathers


Casual Encounter


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