Cover art by contributor Shannon West.


When selecting the theme for this issue, we each had a distinct first impression when considering the word wild. What happens at the edge of the human psyche? What exists outside the bounds of society? How does it feel to truly let loose and embrace the unknown? We chose Wild for the theme of our seventh issue to explore these questions and to get, well, wild with it.

The pieces published in this issue reflect that impossible range of possibilities. From the wild imagination and spirit, to the corporeal wildness and wilderness we encounter, to the sheer ferocity it takes sometimes to simply survive. And, we would be remiss not to say, the wild circumstances life throws at us that we must contend with, especially in today’s society. Here we explore the wild without and within, attempting to ensnare what by definition cannot be bound. These uninhabited works invite you to challenge your expectations and immerse yourself in the full spectrum of what wild can mean.

Thank you to our amazing contributors whose work expanded the scope of what wild represents and the impact it can have. We dedicate this issue, with wild abandon, to you.

The Editors


The Lineman

The New Neighbor




Leap Year

It Is Not True


Asylum Devotion

Tell You What

Amanita bisporigera


The Apple Trees Do Not Produce This Year


This Now

To Be Done

Some Birds


photography & Visual Art

Shannon West

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Luciana Abait

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Sigrid Debusschere

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Erica Catherine Matthews

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Karen Fitzgerald

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Rakel Bernie

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Clare Olivares

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Eva Lipman and Ken Graves

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Marc Ellen Hamel

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